What Is This Place?

Blogging is a relatively foreign experience. Writing, however, is something I am all too familiar with. For years I have dreamed what it would be like to walk into a bookstore and meander on over to the Science Fiction/Fantasy section, and crouch on the floor to find one of my novels resting on the bottom shelf (assuming the bookstore arranges their stock alphabetically by author…). What would it be like to hold a tangible copy of your own imagination? To realize that thousands of people have held the very same words in their hands as you are now?

One day the book I’ll pretend to be reading for a purposeful candid shot will be my own.

It is a wild thought– to be even mildly successful, but how else is one supposed to get their name out there when they don’t even try?

That was always my biggest problem: fear. I was afraid to venture out into the writing world. While numerous spiral-bound notebooks lay buried under my bed, full of different worlds and ideas that I couldn’t contain in my head, I was terrified that what I write was simply not good enough. With so many published authors and a ridiculous array of stories out in the world, what would I gain from throwing my stories into the mix? Who would be interested in reading what I have to say?

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